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This com is currently closed. We are no longer posting here, and no more members will be accepted, because the com is no longer being used. If this changes in the future, and we feel the need to re-open the community, we will change this message.


This community was set up for fans of Tokio Hotel to come together to discuss news of the band, squee over pictures and enjoy videos. This is a slash friendly community so while there will be no fanfiction, no fanart and no icon posts, there will often be comments of a slashy nature. If this isn't your cup of tea, then this isn't the place for you. Also, while we do enjoy teasing and joking, this community also isn't the place for people who want to bag on the band members, talk about how much they suck for this reason or that reason, and are just generally only in the fandom to make fun of the band.


  • Posts are limited to news, discussions, photographs and videos of the band. If you wish to enjoy fanart, fan created graphics or icons of the band, we recommend thfanmade or de_band_icons. If you're looking for fanfiction, you'll find it at th_fanfic. Fanfiction, fanart and icon posts are not allowed here in the community.

  • Please make sure you credit your source when you post something here, even if it's just from another user or another Tokio Hotel community. It's the polite thing to do.

  • This is a Tokio Hotel Community so please keep the posts relevant. Comments are free for all but please keep posts relevant to Tokio Hotel. Also, please scan the com at least a few entries back before you post. While we are more than happy to get the latest news and pictures, we don't need to have six posts in a row on Bill's new hairstyle or Georg's new guitar.

  • If you are the original poster, DO NOT delete comments in your posts just because you do not agree with them. It is the job of the mods to decide whether or not a comment should be screened or frozen. If we catch you deleting comments on a post, you will be banned from the community. If you feel a comment is abusive, report it to one of the moderators so we can take the appropriate action.

  • DO NOT FLAME. Drama and wank will not be tolerated in the community, and anyone who starts it will be banned. Also, be aware that many members of this community are also members of other communities, and if we see you trashing this com somewhere else, we'll be more than happy to help you leave it.

  • DO NOT POST LEAKS. Posts with leaks of videos or downloads of leaked songs will not be allowed. This includes comments containing this information. Please do not ask for someone to give you leaked songs. These posts will be deleted without warning and may result in banning. If there is any question, do not post it.

  • Do not disable comments on a post, even if you're just announcing something or posting a link to something else. Leave the comments open.

  • Please talk to one of the mods before advertising other communities or merchandise here.

  • Above all else, have fun and be nice!

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